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    Counseling sessions offer a safe place for you to heal.

    Counseling may lead to better relationships, improved decision-making, relief from anxious thoughts, and reductions in feelings of distress.  Your actions will be based on your values and principles rather than just responding to your emotions at the time.

    Counseling sessions are 45 minutes long, offered in-person or virtually.


    Traumatic experiences overwhelm our normal coping strategies and lead to unbelievable stress, depression or fearfulness. We will work together to alleviate your symptoms using trauma researched interventions. You will be able to feel more in control of your life again.


    Mindfulness, relaxation, breathing, exercise and sleep are tools to help with anxiety.  But it is hard to be purposeful when anxiety is present in your life.  Avoidance and compartmentalizing eventually stop working and you become more overwhelmed.  In counseling, you will learn how to move through the anxiety and live a more intentional life.

    Infertility/Pregnancy Loss/ Pregnancy Difficulties

    If your dreams of a typical pregnancy have been shattered and no one seems to understand, I will provide you with the opportunity to feel listened to and supported.

    You will be able to discuss your decisions and evaluate your options.

    New coping strategies will be formulated to help manage the impact on your relationships with your partner, family and friends.

    Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health/Postpartum Stress

    Are you feeling sad, lonely, exhausted, irritable, restless, anxious, guilty, worried or out of control?  Are you unable to find pleasure in the things you used to enjoy?

    We will work together to alleviate your anxiety and depression.  You will begin to feel more like yourself, improve your confidence and begin to enjoy life.

    Your actions will be based on your principles and values and not as a response to how overwhelmed you are feeling.


    Grief comes in many forms. Personal coping skills, the cause of death, an available support system and the nature of the relationship to the deceased all impact the way people deal with their grief. Grief can sometimes cause depression and anxiety. It is important to have someone to talk to who will listen compassionately and without judgment.



    If you are having difficulties in your relationships, I can help you acquire a greater understanding of your role, power, and influence with others. You can learn new techniques and communication styles to enhance your current relationships and create new, healthy, and genuine ones.

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