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    What can I expect from a counseling session?

    Our sessions are conversations that lead to a broader understanding of yourself and the reasons you entered counseling.  We identify your goals that will be the basis for treatment. As sessions progress, you may accomplish your goals or decide to change or expand your goals.  Counseling is an evolving process as you or situations change. 

    How long does counseling last?

    Each person comes with unique strengths and goals.  Counseling can last for a few sessions, a few months or a few years.  Ultimately, the purpose of counseling is for you to meet your goals.  Once that happens, you are finished.  Some people may need to return as circumstances change while others do not need counseling again.  Others prefer to continue with a maintenance plan and schedule sessions once a month or once every other month.  

    Will insurance pay for my counseling?

    Some insurance plans will pay for a portion of your treatment.  If a counselor is in-network with your plan, it is likely that a larger portion of your counseling will be covered.  It is important to call your insurance company and ask about any deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance prior to your first session to understand your payment responsibilities.  If your counselor is out-of-network, you will want to ask about your out-of-network benefits and out-of-network deductible.  You will be provided with an invoice to submit to your insurance company.  The process to submit the information varies by insurance company.  Please ask about the procedures your insurance company requires.